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Clothes don't fit right? No problem - we can alter the garmet to make it fit just right!

  • Let out and take in pant waist
  • Lower or extend waist
  • Let out or take in skirts and dresses
  • Adjust shoulders
  • Restyle neckline and armhole
  • Adjust thigh, hip and crotch area on a pants
  • Taper pant legs

Why throw out, give away or permanently store perfectly good clothing in your closet just because it doesn't fit right? At Make It Fit Alterations, we do just that so that you can have use out of clothing you already own!

At Make Itr Fit Alterations in Kelowna, we will hem your garment to make it look great on you!
We cuff men's pants if requested
We take the time to measure properly
We hem jeans and any other fabric.


Sunday - 10am-6pm
Monday - 10am-6:00pm
Tuesday- 10am-6pm
Wednesday - 10am-9pm
Thursday - 10am-9pm
Friday - 10am-9pm
Saturday - 9am-6:00pm
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