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Do you have a garment that needs to be repaired? Ripped jeans, broken zippers... We can help!

  • replace sliders
  • replace zippers on all types of clothing (pants, snow pants, skirts, dresses and of course all types of jackets)
  • we can fix or patch anything - from jackets to jeans, we will fix them!
  • replace buttons and snaps (including metal buttons on jeans)
  • restitch any open areas on any cloth.
  • fix or replace zippers and straps on most styles of purses

For small fixes, we can even repair your item while you wait, usually in about 15 to 30 minutes!

At Make Itr Fit Alterations in Kelowna, we will hem your garment to make it look great on you!
We cuff men's pants if requested
We take the time to measure properly
We hem jeans and any other fabric.


Sunday - 10am-6pm
Monday - 10am-6:00pm
Tuesday- 10am-6pm
Wednesday - 10am-9pm
Thursday - 10am-9pm
Friday - 10am-9pm
Saturday - 9am-6:00pm
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